i enjoy music just as much as the next person, if not more. as much as i love music, i can't deny the fact that some of the music we listen to can be toxic. i've come to learn that life will always throw unexpected curveballs and cause us to experience some bad days. while 2015 was a very productive year for me, i had my share of bad days due to work, relationships, the struggles that come with moving to a new city, and all the other typical things that cause us hardships. listening to toxic music on these 'bad days' only perpetuates the negative energy we're already feeling. with that being said, i decided to do some digital crate digging and curate a mix offering a positive alternative. 'vango's very good vibrations' is a mix of positive/uplifting but good ass music to encourage you the next time you need a lil positivity.

mixing + mastering: sade no adu and twelve45

press: paige davis

photography: tayo ola

graphics: keenan alexander

curation + creative direction: vango jones